Don’t Let Him Take You With Him

Don’t Let Him Take You With Him. A vehicle loses control after a rapid lane change and crashes into the center divide. The following camera-car driver manages to avoid getting hit thanks to his fast reactions.   Source:RoadCams

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Crazy man hitting windows and punching bins

This guy is either (a) drunk or (b) on drugs or (c) has serious anger issues or maybe all of the above. I bet his hand is hurting the next day. First he hits the subway window, then kicks the bin, then hits the 7 eleven window then punches the …

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Running red light in front of cop

I’m an idiot sometimes. No denying that! In the anxiety of the police lights turning on and the officer pulling me over, I ran through a red light without even realizing it. Thankful I didn’t hurt anyone or myself in the process!   Source:Ben Wilder

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