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Brutal Crash Captured Next To A Gas Pump

Brutal Crash Captured Next To A Gas Pump Driver of this Skoda Octavia was seriously injured after he flipped his car multiple times. Security camera at a gas station caught this serious accident on the highway D2. See what happened on the video below.

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Car Crumples Like Paper after Rear Ended

This old vehicle crumples in like paper after it gets rear ended, trapping passengers inside. Witnesses then help the passengers get out safely. A modern vehicle likely would have sustained the impact with only moderate damage. —* This video is being posted strictly for educational purposes. Watch people make mistakes …

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Jeff Brock Bonneville Buick

Once you’ve seen this on the dry lakes or the salt flats, it is hard to forget. Maybe it’s the conspicuous styling, or perhaps it’s because a battleship-size ’50s sedan wasn’t meant to go 165 mph. And who in their right mind would select a Buick Straight-8 as their race …

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