Enragedcop flips car towed illegal parking pulls gun tow truck driver

Orange County, FL — Deputy Tracy Weiss was off-duty last month when she noticed that her illegally parked truck was being towed. The way she acted next could have landed a normal person in jail. However, because Weiss is a deputy with the Orange County Sheriff’s department, that will likely not happen.

When Weiss noticed that her truck was being towed, she jumped into another vehicle and then drove the wrong way down a one-way street to block the driver in who had towed her car.

When she exits the vehicle, according to the tow truck driver, she had her gun drawn. When he saw the gun, the driver pulled out his camera phone and began to record.

“I’m a cop. Drop my truck,” yelled Weiss.

“You need to put your gun away,” replied the driver.

“You see a gun?” Weiss asked, acting as if she didn’t have one once she saw the camera.

“Yes. It’s in your pocket,” the driver said.

“I am a cop,” she yelled. “You’re going to f**king jail for stealing my car.”

“I’m not going to jail,” the driver responded.

“Whatever,” Weiss said before storming off to wait for backup.

When deputies arrived on scene, they confirmed that Weiss did, in fact, have a gun.

“She had a gun in her hand pointed at me,” said the driver.

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